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Towards an Integrative Model of Care 

Through my journey I started to question the value of traditional physiotherapy when dealing with long term pain and injury. I started to become discouraged by the inability of the profession, as I saw it, to effectively manage chronic conditions and pain. As I started to delve into a career focused on psychology and mindfulness, I realised that my physio background was the perfect profession to offer an integrated model of care. My passion for pain management led me back to physiotherapy where I felt I could progress towards integrative healthcare. 

What is Integrative Physiotherapy?

Integrative physio aims to treat you as a whole person. Taking into account your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It takes a holistic approach with evidence-based strategies such as psychologically-informed practice, mindfulness-based interventions, nutrition advice, and social wellbeing among others. 

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

How is it different to regular physio?

Integrative physio is aimed at looking at the multitude of factors that contribute to pain and injury to optimise healing. Traditional physio predominantly supports your physical health with manual therapy and exercise interventions. Integrative physio looks at your psychological state, lifestyle factors, behaviours, as well as your physical health.

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