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Hi, I'm Ray

An Integrative Physiotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner & Pain Coach
What's an Integrative Physiotherapist?
and other FAQs

You may be asking what is an Integrative Physiotherapist? You've likely never heard the term. That's because it is not often used in our industry. However, it perfectly captures the the type of work that I do. I use a combination of traditional physiotherapy tools such as exercise therapy and functional training along with psychotherapy techniques, mindfulness-based interventions, nutrition and sleep guidance, trauma-informed practice, and alternative therapy. I emphasise the importance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health into my sessions. 

What do you treat?

I treat everything a regular physical therapist would treat, i.e., spinal injuries, sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain etc. However, I specialise in the treatment of persistent and chronic pain. This includes: chronic back/neck pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, CRPS, autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, and headache/migraines to name a few. 

I currently lead a persistent pain program and run individual sessions where I have helped hundreds of clients experience freedom from pain and go on to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

How did you become an Integrative Physio?

So, I have been dedicated physiotherapist for over a decade. In the early years, my path led me through a range of healthcare settings, from public hospitals to private practices and elite sports. However, it didn't take long for me to realize a gap in my education — the absence of a framework for patient-centred care. I recognized the importance of psychology, communication, motivation, and behaviour in the practice of physiotherapy — areas often left unexplored in my physio study.  

In 2017, my life took a profound turn. A road accident abruptly halted my career as a head sports physiotherapist and senior clinician. The accident left me with a number of injuries, the most impactful being the loss of complete function in my arm due to nerve damage.

This incident became a catalyst for change, inspiring me to embark on a journey of self-growth. I went on a path of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, with mindfulness meditation becoming an anchor of my daily life. From there I completed 2 psychology degrees and started a PhD candidature focused on mindfulness in pain management.

I entered back into physiotherapy with a renewed passion for pain care and integrative health. I went on to develop my own brand of integrative pain therapy that is centred around tackling issues that are at the root cause of the pain. Whether the issues are because of emotional/spiritual health, nutrition, sleep hygiene, rehabilitation, and/or behaviours and mindset, you can be sure that together we will get to the heart of the problem. 

I have never seen a physio online... What can I expect?

You can expect to be listened to, heard and understood, validated in your experience, and come away from each session feeling like you have direction and clarity in the steps ahead. I take you through a comprehensive assessment where I may ask questions around your pain/injury history, medical history, mental health history, social and lifestyle factors, functional limitations and capacity, values and beliefs. 


I find that telehealth therapy is perfect for those in persistent/chronic pain because it allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home without having to deal with the stress of travelling and parking. There is actually no evidence for the use of hands on therapy in the long term management of chronic pain. I use the video call to instruct you through any exercises that may be more difficult to grasp. You can expect to leave the session with a comprehensive plan and practical strategies to help you in your pain journey. Book in to see me HERE

If you would still like to see me in person, you can book in at Mounties Care Freshwater HERE

What sets you apart from other pain clinicians?

The fact that I have gone through my own pain journey which I continue to go through. The fact that I have come out the other side with tremendous passion and dedication to help others overcome pain. I understand first hand what it is like to be in pain day in and day out. I understand the struggles, the emotional rollercoaster, the loss of identity, the impact on close relationships, the need for purpose and meaning. 

I can truly empathise with what you have been through because I have been there myself. I strive to be a compassionate guide, support, and therapist as we navigate this journey together. Pain is a whole person experience which requires a individualised and integrative approach.

I am interested in your qualifications?

Here is a list of my qualifications/education:

PhD Candidate at the Research Institute of Positive Psychology and Education at ACU

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours 1st Class) from University of New England

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from Sydney University

Graduate Diploma of Psychology from University of New England

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Practitioner

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Functional Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain

Trauma-Informed Pain Care


How do I get started?!

If you would like some FREE content to get started sign up HERE for your Heal Your Pain Starter Guide. Otherwise you can book in to see me HERE

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