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Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit with Integrative Physiotherapy and Mindfulness

Are you struggling with these questions...

How can I get past this pain?

How can I reclaim my life?

How can I support myself and my loved ones?

What is my purpose now?

You will be guided and supported through your healing journey with the tools to help move you from pain towards freedom. You will be listened to with compassion. You will be understood. You will be empowered to take control of your health. 
A meaningful life is within your grasp!

Online appointments

In-person appointments available at Mounties Care Freshwater


Let’s Work Together


Peace and Joy Lies Within

Discover the benefits and power of mindfulness and meditation through individualised teaching. Free yourself from the burden of pain and suffering. Live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

1/2 hour session              45 min                         1 hour 

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Mindfulness meditation physiotherapist psychologist


Tailored to Your Needs

The treatment of pain and injury require a holistic approach taking into account mental, physical, and emotional health. Together we can help you overcome pain and/or injury. 

Health fund rebates are available under physiotherapy. Medicare rebates are available under EPC Care Plans from your GP. 

Face-to-face sessions at Mounties Care Freshwater. 

1/2 hour session              45 min                         1 hour 

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Clinician Mentoring/Pain Coaching

If you are motivated and determined to become a better pain clinician, mentoring is a must. I myself seek mentoring to improve my skills as a pain coach, integrative therapist, pain program facilitator, and researcher.


I offer insights and learnings from my lived experience and my experience as an Integrative/Pain Physiotherapist to best support you in your journey to becoming the best clinician you can be. 

Mindfulness meditation integrative physiotherapy holistic medicine
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Be Present, Feel Alive

A mindfulness workshop aimed at connecting you with your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're working in an office or part of a sports organisation, I will help you move forward from stress, anxiety, and pain, into a more present and peaceful state.

Meditation Class
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