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Towards an Integrative Model of Pain Management

Pain has been predominantly treated in the healthcare system through the lens of what is wrong structurally and how can we fix it. This may often mean surgical intervention, pharmacological intervention, and/or rehabilitation. If you have gone through this system and haven't had the results you are looking for you are in the right place. I advocate for an integrative approach that takes into account your whole experience. The biological, psychological, social, and spiritual elements of health. 


Through my personal journey I started to question the value of traditional healthcare when dealing with long term pain and injury. I started to become discouraged by the inability of the industry, as I saw it, to most effectively manage chronic conditions and pain. As I started to delve into a career focused on psychology and mindfulness, I realised that my physio background was the perfect profession to offer an integrated model of care. My passion for pain management led me towards integrative physiotherapy where I felt I could lead the new wave of pain care. 

I recognised the need for a process based approach whereby people are given the tools and strategies to build resilience and nurture their self growth. Finding freedom from pain involves the ability to learn key skills in psychological flexibility. The ability to stay present with your daily life, having clarity on what your values are, acceptance of your current situation, detachment from your thoughts, and motivation to take action are key areas that can be fostered in pain management. These factors form the core processes in overcoming  pain. 

Overcoming your pain is a process that involves understanding your pain, feeling heard and validated, learning skills that build resilience, the search for meaning and purpose, and a continual practice of gratitude and self love. This is the work I aim to guide you through. 

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Pillars of Care

The pillars of pain care that form the core of my  practice include vulnerability, compassion, resilience, and growth. 

Vulnerability - The foundation of my practice is vulnerability. I respect each and every one of you who comes to ask for help. I understand the struggle of being in pain and the vulnerability in asking for help. This is why I am completely vulnerable with my experience and struggles with pain. I aim to walk this path beside you as a guide who has gone through a similar journey and come out with the wisdom and knowledge to support you. 


Compassion - Because I’ve been through my own journey of a traumatic injury and pain, I understand the emotional journey, the physical challenges, and the loss of identity. This is why I act as a compassionate guide who knows the cost of persistent pain and the damage it can cause on yourself and your loved ones. I aim to empathise so I can truly understand your experience, your circumstances, your challenges and barriers to healing your pain. 

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Pillars of Care

Resilience - I will shine light on your inner strength to allow you to overcome adversity. Every step of your journey has led you here. You have the courage to overcome this because your inner strength has been built from pain. It may seem unmanageable at times but you have gone through it. Your resilience will shine through. Resilience is a skill that we can nurture and build. Just like developing your muscles, your mental resilience requires work. 


Growth - It is time to not only overcome but to thrive in your new life. I will challenge you to grow in ways you never thought possible. I aim to support you in your journey from pain to purpose. We will work together to understand what are the most important areas of life that you would like to flourish in your new life. Growth may come in ways you least suspect. I aim to be a guide as you rediscover what it truly means to feel alive and live according to your values. 

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