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Lean into the Unknown

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

We often fear the unknown. So naturally we are more comfortable staying in the known. Comfortable with the way things are.

Unfortunately staying in your comfort zone of what is familiar does not allow you to grow. It doesn’t allow you to challenge yourself, test your limits, discover your passion.

The world of what is known has no place in your future.

Life is about leaning into the unknown. Learning things you don’t know, discovering things about your loved ones, opening your mind to new experiences, exploring parts of your internal world (your psyche) and external world (your environment).

The journey of leaning into the unknown is a difficult one. It takes courage, bravery, commitment, and perseverance. It takes a level of trust that you can handle the situation regardless of the outcome.

Personally, my life-changing accident forced me into the unknown. I was propelled into a world of the unknown where I was uncomfortable and unsure of where to go.

Over time, I have become more and more comfortable living in the unknown. But it was a difficult journey that would not have been so difficult if I was well practised at finding comfort with the discomfort.

I still have long periods of time where I get comfortable with what is known and familiar. I lose sight of my purpose and meaning in my life: to help as many people as I can heal through my journey. Nowadays, it is the discomfort with the known that allows me to push past the familiar towards unchartered territories.

The practice of breaking down fear each day, taking things one step at a time, and focusing on the destination while enjoying the journey is never easy. I have tried to attune my mind, body, and spirit to embrace the unknown more often than not.

Feeling excitement rather than overwhelming stress. Having clarity even though things are more unpredictable than ever. These are skills and habits that you can train.

It is ultimately through the practice of leaning into the unknown that we grow as individuals and as a society.

Believe in yourself, trust in your heart and passion, and you will move towards pain, fear, and difficulty rather than shy away from it.

With love and gratitude,



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