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What's spiritual health got to do with my pain?!

Persistent pain can be an extremely challenging experience for anyone who has suffered. Often when you are in the midst of pain and finding it difficult to experience any positive emotions or have any hope about your situation, you can feel stuck.

In these moments of despair, the major factor that I find in clients that can move them out of their situation is their spiritual health.

In other words, a person's ability to find a greater meaning out of their suffering can be the window out of the pain.

Spiritual health is a broad concept that incorporates a person's relationship to something greater than themselves. Spiritual health allows an individual to find meaning in their life through integrating all dimensions of health: physical, emotional, mental, and social.

My personal relationship with spirituality and health was amplified after my accident. My accident made me face the fragility of life. It kickstarted my search for some kind of meaning out of the pain and suffering.

Through my journey I was able to discover the importance of spiritual health in my recovery as it helped me build resilience. Spiritual health had taken a backseat in my life until the accident. I was going through the motions of life without questioning what I really enjoyed doing, what gave me fulfillment, where my values lied and how to integrate them into my life.

Through my accident I was able to rediscover my passion in supporting others. But first I had to rediscover myself and give myself the love I needed.

I nurtured my spiritual health with practices such as meditation, journalling, walking in nature, reading, getting plenty of sunlight, exercising, and listening to music. Through these activities I was able to self actualize, gaining insights into who I truly wanted to be. It allowed me the space to express myself more authentically.

As my spiritual health was nurtured, my pain coincidentally decreased significantly. I no longer felt like pain was a burden in my life. I had so much more purpose and clarity with my day to day routine which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The one lesson I took from that experience was that to truly overcome pain, we often need to find meaning and value in the ordinary. Finding joy in the simple things allowed me to appreciate life more fully and break free of the pain.

Getting rid of pain is often not a realistic goal. However, living a more meaningful and authentic life is. And it can accomplished by making small adjustments in your daily life. Please reach out if you would like to learn how. We are all different and have different needs when it comes to spiritual health.



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