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Transition and Transformation

It seems like wherever you are in the world at the moment, there is a great deal of change, disruption, and unpredictability. There is a great deal of pain and suffering out there. But how can we protect ourselves?

Change is scary. We often fear change.

But...instead of resisting the change, it may be helpful to lean into the unknown.

If you are anything like me, you may be feeling this great shift that is happening in the world at the moment. The ever present world of Covid-19 and its fallout has caused so much disruption of the status quo, of what we had thought was normal. We have been thrust into a world of rapid change and growth.

You may be going through your own period of transition and transformation. I know I certainly am. Feelings of discomfort and sadness seem to be inescapable at times. The more I try to ignore it the more persistent it becomes.

If you are someone suffering in pain, I feel for you and I want to acknowledge that your struggle is real.

As I go through these transitional moments I look back at my life and find strength in the past. My road accident took me down a long period of change and growth that can sometimes be easily forgotten.

I often need to remind myself of how far I have come in moments of depression and despair.

I tell myself "I've been through far worse circumstances", "I am strong, resilient, and capable of getting through this" and "there is always light at the end of the road".

I make the choice to trust myself, to understand that change is good, to be grateful for every day and each moment.

If you are suffering in pain and finding it overwhelming, hang in there. Your strength can inspire others.

It may help to acknowledge all the hardships that you are going through. It may help to set a daily routine that replenishes you rather than exhausts you.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to transform your life when suffering in pain. But transformation begins with small steps. For example, setting a daily sleep routine, exercising each day, healthy meal planning etc.

Stacking small steps on top of each other eventually leads to transformation.

This is the work of pain coaching.

Transform your pain into strength and courage. Move from pain to purpose.



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